Call of the Abstract

Instructions for Presenters

  1. Abstracts are required for presentations in oral presentations, posters, videos.
  2. The "Title"box should be brief, but explicit and typed in capitals.
  4. Abstracts should be submitted in English only.
  5. Authors are requested to read the following instructions before preparing their abstracts.

Title, Author's Name, and Instructional Affiliation

  1. The title should be entirely in capital letters.
  2. The name of the presenting author must be indicated first and underline.
  3. The first name initial must precede the last name.
  4. The instructional affiliation, city and country are required.

Body of Abstract

  1. Prepare the abstract in this order: purpose, methods, results, discussion and conclusion.
  2. The statement, the results will be discussed, is not adequate.

Common Errors in the Abstract

  1. An abstract may be rejected for publication by the program committee if it has the following errors:
    - Incorrect or obscure abbreviation.
    - Misspelled words.

Typing Instructions

  1. The title must be entirely in capital letters. It must begin from the left margin.
  2. Type using single spacing.
  3. Total number of abstract is not more than 300 words.

Notification of Acceptance

  1. The final decision will be notified from the Secretariat

Oral Presentation

  1. Presentations will be grouped by the region and section.
  2. Each presentation must be confined to 8 minutes, leaving 2 minutes for discussion.
  3. In case that oral presentation has already been filled up, the articles will be transferred to poster presentation automatically.
  4. LCD Projector will be provided for PowerPoint presentation PC.

E-Poster Presentation

  1. Display monitor 150 cm (height) x 85 cm (width) JPEG format.
  2. The official language for posters is English.
  3. One of the authors must be at the poster at a certain time for discussion (to be informed).

Video Presentation

  1. Presenter must load the presentation at slide preview room on the early of October 20, 2018.
  2. Each presentation must be confined to 10 minutes.
  3. The language must be in English.